T Type Diamond Pole Set #171 & 173

T Type Diamond Pole Set #171 & 173


Here's a set of our diamond pole T-type pickups. Built with black vulcanized fiber, steel poles, and neodymium magnets.

Bridge: 7.2k/ohms, 6.43 Henries, 25 mT, and a 4300 Hz resonant peak.

Neck: 5.9k/ohms, 2.67 Henries, 30mT.

Notched if you want to add a cover.

These are built like a typical single coil pickup. Instead of a bar magnet across the bottom, a plate holding neodymium disc magnets is sandwiched between the bottom bobbin plate and a blank bottom plate. 3-48 hardware holds it together.

Clear crisp tone.

Available with different top options, acrylic colors, vulcanized fiber, and woods. Spec out what you need and I will list it.

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