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Boutique Pickups

Are you looking for a quality pickup? Perhaps you’re just looking for a perfectly toned humbucker, or a soft and smooth gold foil pickup. We build pickups and pickup parts that are not found elsewhere. So check our store or to discuss your particular needs, please get in touch with us through our form below.

Instrument Builder Services

Trust us to manufacture the pickups for your line of instruments. We build to your specifications and can etch the pickups with your own logo.

Handmade, One At A Time

We use the best material available to produce pickups with the highest quality and sound. You can achieve the same tone as models made in the '50s/'60s/'70s. Everything is done with the greatest care and dedication so that you have an impeccable product. 

What Our Customers Say

Warp core pickups sound amazing!! I use them on all my builds.

Robert Alafetich
Jan 25, 2022

Technical Details

Warp Core Humbucker Wiring

Black-South start-usually grounded

White-South finish-usually connected to green

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